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FH-R Material Placement Attachment Common Questions

What materials can the FH-R disperse?
Road Widener attachments can lay down a variety of materials for road shouldering and backfilling applications, including hot mixes, recycled and crushed aggregates, limestone, sand and gravel, topsoil and more.

How much material can the FH-R’s hopper hold?
The hopper can hold approximately 1.5 cubic yards (1.1 cubic meters) of material.

What material can be put in the FH-R’s hopper?
Most common materials used for road shouldering and backfilling applications. These include but are not limited to soil, sand, gravel, rock and asphalt.

What material CAN’T be put in the FH-R’s hopper?
Wet materials, such as concrete, are not recommended.

What are the laydown widths of the FH-R?
The standard laydown width for FH-R machines is 1 to 4 feet (.3 to 1.2 meter). Optional shoe extensions can be purchased to increase the width by an additional 1 to 2 feet (.3 to .6 meter).

What size host machine do I need?
The main factor to consider is the rated operating capacity of the host machine. It must be appropriate for the unit being operated.

Can we connect the FH-R attachment to the dump truck?
No, the FH and FH-R are designed to push a dump truck and cannot be coupled to it.

What is the chain on the FH-R used for?
The chain is used to keep the front edge of the shoe from deflecting outward when using heavy aggregate. It can also be used in the lower position to keep the leading edge of the shoe pointed upward to prevent the attachment from digging into the ground.

How do we slow down the speed of the FH-R belt?
The belt is controlled via the remote control.

What are the wear parts on the FH-R?
Common wear parts include rubber guarding, casters and the belt.

Why would I need an FH-R Dual Discharge?
The FH-R Dual Discharge allows operators to lay material on either side of the roadway with the same machine, giving the flexibility to position the machine to go with or against traffic.

Can the FH-R strike off below grade?
No, but Road Widener has a new product coming soon that will allow for 7-inch (178-millimeter) below grade strike off.

Can the FH-R operate without the remote?
No, the FH-R is only operable by remote. If a manual unit is needed, the FH material placement attachment is available.

Is the remote control rechargeable?
No, it uses standard AAA batteries.

Offset Vibratory Roller Common Questions

What kind of material can I compact?
The Off set Vibratory Roller is ideal for compacting stone, asphalt, RAP or dirt. An optional sprayer bar system can be purchased to attach to the roller if using with asphalt.

What size host machine do I need?
The main factor to consider is the rated operating capacity of the host machine. It must be appropriate for 1,600 pounds (726 kilograms) with the Off set Vibratory Roller.

How far can I roll outside the slope of the shoulder?
The attachment reaches up to a 30-degree drum pivot.

Can it operate without the remote?
No, the attachment is only operable via the remote.

Is the remote control rechargeable?
No. It uses standard AAA batteries.

General Road Widener Attachments Common Questions

Which host machines are compatible with Road Widener attachments?
All Road Widener equipment comes standard with an ISO Skid Steer Plate (SSL) for attaching to a variety of host machine brands, makes and models. Road Widener also offers an adapter plate to easily attach to various carriers including backhoes, wheel loaders, and motor graders.

Do Road Widener products require high-flow hydraulics?
All Road Widener machines are designed to operate on standard flow hydraulics. The FH-R requires 22 gpm (83 lpm) and the Offset Vibratory Roller requires 12 gpm (45 lpm). While you can attach the Road Widener equipment to a high-flow host machine, you must operate on standard flow hydraulics. Attaching any Road Widener equipment to high-flow output will cause damage.

What setup is required for Road Widener equipment?
No setup is required. All Road Widener products are tested prior to leaving the factory and are ready to operate when they arrive.

How many people are required to operate Road Widener equipment?
All functions of the FH-R and Offset Vibratory Roller can be operated by a single person from inside the cab of the host machine via remote control. If operating an FH model, two crew members are required.

Do I have to shut down traffic to utilize Road Widener products?
No. Our attachments were designed to work within one lane of traffic.

What kind of trailer do I need for transport?
Road Widener attachments can fit on any common width trailer with the host machine and can be pulled with a pickup truck.

Can the Road Widener attachments be transported on a trailer while attached to the host machine?
The FH and FH-R attachments are too wide to stay attached to the host machine during transportation. The preferred method is to load from the side of the trailer and detach for transport to avoid wide load issues.

Where can I find resource materials and instructions for Road Widener equipment?
You can find resources for Road Widener equipment on our website. Dealers have exclusive access to information through their dealer portal. Reach out to your regional sales manager for login information.

Where can I find a parts breakdown?
The parts breakdown is available in the dealer portal.

Are Road Widener products made in America?
Yes, the Road Widener is manufactured in Wisconsin, a state with a long history of road construction equipment design and manufacturing.


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