Accessories & Options

Get the most out of your Road Widener by choosing the right accessories. From adapter plates to extensions, we help make your job easier with add-on options.

Road Widener Accessories & Options

Road Widener curbing attachment

Curbing Attachment

Conveniently backfill parallel to the curb rather than working against the curb.

Road Widener Roller Extensions

Push Roller Extensions

Our push rollers come standard with a 12-inch (30.5 cm) reach. For increased flexibility to accommodate a variety of backend configurations, we provide a push roller extension kit to offer a 24-inch (61 cm) reach. To use, the operator places the push rollers against the dump truck tires and the dump truck is backed through the rollers.

Road Widener shoe extensions

Shoe Extensions -1FT & 2 FT (30.5 cm & 61 cm) Extension Kits

Our standard laydown widths range from 1 to 4 feet (30.5 to 121.9 cm). For added flexibility, we offer 1-foot and 2-foot (30.5 & 61 cm) extensions to provide a laydown width of up to a 6-feet (183 cm).

Road Widener adaptor plate

Adapter Plate

Use your Road Widener with virtually any brand of skid steer, loader, compact track loader or road grader with the optional adapter plate.

Offset Vibratory Roller Accessories & Options

Offset vibratory roller attachment accessories

2-, 3- and 4-Foot Drums
(61-, 91.4-, 121.9-cm Drums)

Our wide range of drum sizes provides the operator with the ability to adjust the drum size, using the same arm, with one machine.

Road Widener adaptor plate

Adapter Plate

The optional adapter plate allows you to use virtually any brand of skid steer, loader, compact track loader or road grader with the Offset Vibratory Roller.

Offset Vibratory Roller Water Spray Bar

Water Spray Bar System

The Water Spray Bar System fits on all Offset Vibratory Roller attachments and aids in suppressing dust particles, compacting aggregates and preventing clumping when rolling hot mix asphalt.

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