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Cody Erautt of Vance Corporation explains how using the Road Widener FH-R attachment in grading and paving for the installation of fiber optic boosted their productivity from 1,000 feet a day to more than 3,000 feet in six hours. It also allowed them to complete work in intersections in one light cycle, thereby reducing the impact on traffic and keeping their crew safe.

Road Widener’s FH-R material placement attachment increased quality and efficiency for Vance Corporation. Hear more from their superintendent, Omar Amaya, about how they used it in trench backfilling projects and saw outstanding results.

Steve Ayers, operations manager with Martin Marietta, shares the difference they’ve seen after switching from placing aggregate by dumping it on the ground and blading it off to using Road Widener’s FH-R material placement attachment. The FH-R allowed them to double production with a smaller crew meaning increased efficiency and lower costs.

Ted Walczak, the transportation planner for Ho-Chunk Nation Transportation Authority, describes the many benefits Road Widener’s attachments offer his operation—from cutting production timelines in half to improving the safety of the crew—all while utilizing equipment they already own.

This would probably be a week job the way we used to do it—and now we should have it done in two days.” John Cooke of the Ho Chunk Nation Transportation Authority and 23-year industry professional shares how the FH-R material placement attachment simplifies the job of road shouldering and significantly improves project timelines.

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