Utility Applications

Widen your Utility Construction Capabilities

From trench backfilling to compaction, Road Widener attachments are right for nearly any utility job. Our Offset Vibratory Roller is unlike any other compaction tool on the market. Traditional tandem rollers or other skid steer roller attachments put operators at risk of tipping. The Offset Vibratory Roller accounts for safety in its design, keeping crew members on flat, level ground even when compacting a slope, eliminating tipping risk without sacrificing efficiency or quality. And our FH-R? It’s not just your average road shoulder machine. While that’s what the name may say (quite literally), the proven results for numerous utility operations speak for themselves. Use our FH-R to reduce the number of crew members needed for a utility trench backfill job, freeing you up to take on additional work and boosting your profits and productivity in the process.

Streamline Utility Installation

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  • Gas line installation


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  • Water Line Installation


FH-R Material Placement Attachment Applications

Don’t rely on labor intensive manual methods or expensive self-propelled trench pavers that simply won’t pay off. With Road Widener’s FH-R, you not only have a simple, cost-effective method to pave over trenches, but also a fast and easy way to backfill. – all wrapped up in one attachment. Request a demo to see how Road Widener’s FH-R may just be the best of both worlds (less labor and a ROI to write home about).

Trench backfilling is achieved efficiently for a variety of widths and materials.

Offset Vibratory Roller Applications

Whether you’re working on phone, internet, water or other utility lines, we know that compacting trenches can be a time-consuming task. Put the finishing touches on your trenches with our Offset Vibratory Roller and boost your team’s safety and confidence in the process.

Trench compaction is accomplished safely, even on slopes and grades.

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