Case Study: Vance Corporation


We first heard about Road Widener at World of Asphalt and inquired about a demo of the FH-R. We quickly realized how this could fit into our grading and paving company. Now, we are completing 4,000 linear feet per day of grading and paving projects for the installation of fiber optic with 4 or 5 guys on a project as compared to 2,000 feet per day with 5 or 6 guys when everything was done by hand. This has essentially doubled or tripled our production leading to a boost in profit and winning more bids.”

– Derek, President of Vance Corporation


Some of the most impressive things about Road Widener’s FH-R material placement attachment are the ease of use and efficiency it offers. We easily connect it to our Cat 289 host machine and the operator can use the remote to open and close gates, which boosts speed as well as ease of operation. Additionally, because we only have a short project window from 9am to 3pm every day during which we can do traffic control, efficiency is of the utmost importance. The capacity of the FH-R to cut down time spent working in each intersection from a 30–40-minute process to 10-20-minutes is a significant advantage for us. This lowers the impact to traffic and residents and boosts operational efficiency by a minimum of 50%.”

– Robert, Vice President of Vance Corporation

FH-R material placement attachment doing utility trench backfill


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