Case Study: Muscatine County Highway Department

“The FH-R material placement attachment has allowed us to increase our efficiency by nearly 100%. We maintain about 900 miles of road during construction season and budgets aren’t getting any bigger, so it’s crucial that we get this work done in the most productive manner possible. The FH-R has enabled us to accomplish that. On top of the productivity boost, our road shoulders look a lot more finished when we’re done. Formerly, they’d have a rougher edge and road lines would be scuffed up from our grader, but the FH-R does a much nicer, cleaner job. We used to have to redo our shoulders at least every other year because the results weren’t up to this quality. The Road Widener has extended the lifetime of our road shoulders, so at times we traditionally started planning for replacement, we aren’t even considering it. We aren’t a professional shouldering company, but for what we do, our end product looks great when we’re done.”

–Kyle Soukup, road foreman, Muscatine County Highway Department (Iowa)

A Skid Steer and a dump truck are laying asphalt on a road using the Road Widerner.


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