Tips for Effective Compaction

Tips for Effective Compaction Whether building a new road, working to install water line or repairing an existing road, effective compaction is a must. No matter the scope or type of project, the compaction equipment you choose is important as it affects both efficiency and operator safety. Road Widener’s Offset Vibratory Roller is made to compact asphalt, recycled materials, limestone,…

Combat Worker Shortage Woes – 3 Ways a Material Placement Attachment Alleviates the Labor Shortage

Combat Worker Shortage Woes - 3 Ways a Material Placement Attachment Alleviates the Labor Shortage Labor shortages continue to be a significant pain point in the construction industry. Projects aren’t going away, but the pool of workers is shallow. To stay successful, it’s important to explore equipment options that can ensure you’re on or ahead of schedule even with a…

Case Study: Muscatine County Highway Department

Case Study: Muscatine County Highway Department “The FH-R material placement attachment has allowed us to increase our efficiency by nearly 100%. We maintain about 900 miles of road during construction season and budgets aren’t getting any bigger, so it’s crucial that we get this work done in the most productive manner possible. The FH-R has enabled us to accomplish that.…

Case Study: Cox Construction

The OVR attaches to the skid steer already in our fleet allowing our crew to drive on the level road with the offset roller compacting on the shoulder. The risk of rollover and injury to my operator is eliminated and I’m seeing improvements in efficiency.

Case Study: Vance Corporation

We are completing 4,000 linear feet per day of grading and paving projects for the installation of fiber optic with 4 or 5 guys on a project as compared to 2,000 feet per day with 5 or 6 guys.

Case Study: Q&D Construction-Energy Division

The FH-R material placement attachment cut a 4-step process down to just 2 steps. Rather than dumping material on the road and pushing it with equipment then having to clean up after, the FH-R makes it possible to put material directly where it needs to go in an efficient and accurate manner.

Case Study: Ultimate Internet Access Inc.

After demoing the FH-R material placement attachment for a day, we were impressed with the results and decided to purchase one. Since then, I have continued to be happy with the ways the FH-R has boosted efficiency as we install 1-gig fiber for high-speed internet. The FH-R allows us to place asphalt exactly where we need it.

Don’t Underestimate Your Utility Construction Capabilities

As more and more infrastructure projects begin, following the passing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment Act, there is a strong push to move above-ground utility lines underground. Numerous advantages come with moving electricity lines, telephone wires and water pipes underground; however, underground utility work is expensive and tedious. The process involves inefficient installation methods and extremely costly solutions.

Revolutionizing Roadwork

The Offset Vibratory Roller Attachment outperforms self-propelled compaction rollers in almost every aspect – eliminate the risk of rollovers while offering the same compaction pounds/cubic foot as traditional methods without the weight. Read more to see how you can take your next road repair project to the next level.

5 Ways Attachments Enhance Productivity and Profitability

The passing of the $1.2 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment Act opened the door for a flood of road and utility construction projects focused on rebuilding America’s infrastructure. While this presents a huge opportunity for contractors, success depends on having the right equipment to tackle projects effectively, efficiently and safely.

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