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We design our material placement and vibratory roller attachments to be as versatile as possible without sacrificing performance in any given application. We wouldn’t recommend our equipment for a job if we didn’t genuinely believe it would help our customers be safer, more efficient and more profitable.

Road Widener loader, compact track loader, wheel loader and skid steer attachments let you get the most out of the equipment you already own, giving you productive solutions for the jobs you do — and the tools you need to grow your business and take on new applications without investing in high-dollar standalone machines.

FH-R Material Placement Attachment Applications

Road Widener loader attachment shouldering with gravel

Road Widening

Road Widener equipment does the work that bulky standalone machines can’t. Unmatched productivity, safety and precision make the Road Widener the industry’s best performing road widening tool. You’ll do more work with less hassle and with less manpower than ever before.

Road Widener loader attachment shouldering with gravel

Road Shoulder Repair & Remediation

In addition to offering a boost in productivity, the innovative designs of Road Widener products raise the standard of safety in road shoulder repair. Our Offset Vibratory Roller keeps operators safely on a flat surface, even when compacting road shoulders and ditches. And our flagship Road Widener FH-R attachments allow operators to control the equipment from the safety and comfort of the host machine cab.

Road Widener compact track loader attachment

Road Construction

With operating widths starting at just over 13 feet (4 meters), the material placement attachment requires only one lane of traffic to be closed. Its compact size means it can be towed by pick-up truck on any common-width trailer. Plus, remote control options and single and dual discharge configurations let you customize your attachment to fit your needs.

Road Widener curb backfilling

Curb Backfilling

Construction and road repair contractors can grow their revenue by taking on new jobs with their Road Widener attachments. The ability to offer safe and efficient curb backfilling can take your operation to the next level.

Road Widener loader attachment laying asphalt

Asphalt & Aggregate Placement

The Road Widener comes standard with a heat rated belt, allowing it to handle everything from gravel and topsoil to hot mix asphalt. The efficient design allows you to disperse a 20-ton load of aggregate in minutes. You’ll wonder why you ever invested in larger equipment at 5 times the cost.

Offset Vibratory Roller Applications

vibratory roller - shoulder compaction

Shoulder Compaction

Our Offset Vibratory Roller reduces the risk to operators when rolling and compacting road shoulders. The tool gives you peace of mind and a competitive edge that others won’t be able to replicate. In addition to the convenience of a compact tool with no engine or transmission to maintain, the Offset Vibratory Roller keeps your wheels on the ground, improving jobsite safety and reducing the risk of worker injuries. Your improved safety rating and employee satisfaction will help keep your business as profitable as possible.

vibe roller - sloped shoulder compaction

Outside Slope & Hard-to-Reach Compaction

The Offset Vibratory Roller excels in challenging applications where the area in need of compaction is hard to reach or on an outside slope. While self-propelled drum rollers require operators to deal with dangerous tipping positions, the Offset Vibratory Roller allows you to remain safely on a flat surface while the off-set arm provides the necessary reach to take on even the most extreme rolling and compacting jobs.

Offset Vibratory Roller compacting ditch

Ditch Compaction

The Offset Vibratory Roller attachment eliminates the risk of tipping when compacting road ditches. The off-set arm provides the necessary reach, while the carrier and operator remain safely on a flat surface. Improve employee safety while maintaining profitability.


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