Case Study: Siskiyou Telephone Company


Our telephone company has been serving western Siskiyou County, California’s telecommunications needs for 125 years, and were founded on a commitment to quality and safety. We first discovered Road Widener from an advertisement, which encouraged us to seek out alternative methods for our telephone and internet line trench backfilling applications. We worked with our local dealer to rent Road Widener’s FH material placement attachment, which easily attached to our loader. After years of renting, we invested in an updated unit to enhance our fleet. The increased efficiency of the FH-R dual discharge material placement attachment allows us to precisely laydown 1,000 to 1,300 feet (300 to 400 m) of backfill per day. It has helped to increase the versatility of our existing equipment, while eliminating the extensive processes we previously had to take in order to get the job done.

From time and labor savings, to enhanced efficiency and quality, the FH-R attachment has elevated our utility trench backfilling process for underground telephone and internet line installation. Using traditional methods, it would take up to 15 minutes to lay 10 yards (9 m) of backfill material in the trenches, but now we can do it in as little as three to five minutes. Plus, with its remote-controlled operation, we can have only one operator in the cab focused on ensuring a clean line of material along the road, while we assign the remaining crewmembers to other jobsite tasks.

The FH-R offers unrivaled efficiency by taking what was once a four-step trench backfilling process and made it achievable in just two. County officials have also expressed their appreciation for the equipment due to its low traffic interference, precise material placement and lightweight design that minimizes damage to the road.

Road Widener’s attachments seamlessly fit into our business and have significantly improved our trench backfilling productivity and bottom-line. We are continuously impressed by its ease-of-use, accurate material distribution and quality placement — even in hard-to-reach places.

Road widener attachment with remote control


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